The special dispersant for ceramics is anionic modified polycarboxylate sodium salt, which is specially used for dispersion in ceramic slurry.
The product can be adsorbed on the surface of various micro particles and generate electrostatic repulsion force to disperse them, so as to avoid sedimentation and coarseness.
This product is mainly used as additive in magnetic materials, electronic ceramics, paper industry, alumina ceramics, daily ceramics and other industries. Adding ceramic dispersant in the slurry grinding process can greatly reduce the viscosity of processed materials, facilitate the processing of materials, and the slurry viscosity is stable after dispersion. The ceramic dispersant volatilizes completely in the process of baking, which has no effect on the physical and chemical properties of the product. The dispersant for ceramics has excellent dispersibility and low dosage. The dispersing agent for ceramics and inorganic pigment have good solubility, and there is no residue in the high temperature sintering process of ceramics. Dispersants for ceramics are widely used in ceramic industry and concrete manufacturing.Customized Chemical Additives