DescriptionPerkins 1106 overhaul rebuild parts
ApplicationPerkins 1106 engine
Related Part NO.T409186,1 350-0637,ZZ90242
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Parts that need to be replaced for Perkins 1106 engine overhual rebuild
Valve oil package, one set of valve intake and exhaust, one set of plug ring, one set of cylinder liner, two push-pieces, large and small tiles, four plugs,
The part of the perkins 1106 engine cooling system generally mainly includes the water pump (corrosion of the pump blades or the water seal without water seepage signs)
perkins 1106 Engine upper and lower water pipes, large circulating iron water pipes, small circulating rubber pipes, and bone valve water pipes (must be replaced if they are not aging or shrinking);
The fuel part for 1106 engine overhual rebuild parts generally includes the upper and lower oil rings of the injector and the gasoline filter;
The ignition part Perkins 1106 overhual rebuild parts generally mainly includes whether the high-voltage line can be replaced without shrinking or leakage. The spark plug and the intake part generally mainly include air filter.
Other auxiliary materials for Perkins 1106 overhual rebuild parts: antifreeze, engine oil; whether the cylinder head is corroded or uneven, crankshaft, camshaft, reverse timing belt tension pulley, reverse timing belt zero set pulley, reverse timing belt, external engine belt and zero set pulley, rocker arm or Rocker arm shaft, if it is a hydraulic tappet, check the hydraulic tappet, the overhaul kit includes the cylinder gasket and various oil seals, valve cover gasket, valve oil seal, etc.
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