Our Factory
WENZHOU QIAOSEN PNEUMATIC CO. LTD is a professional manufacturer specialized in solenoid valves and pneumatic part. Established in 2012 covering 4,700 銕? the company has 8 years of OEM experience in the area of automation and its certain industries, with technical personnel, production facilities, and testing facilities.
Excellent product quality and customer satisfaction are the goal we have been pursuing. Concerning on the quality of each item we produce, the company has gain CE, ISO and other certificates on products.
Product Application
Petrochemical Power, gas and fuel oil, analysis and measurement instruments, shipbuilding, fire fighting equipment, HVAC, environmental protection equipment, cleaning equipment, sprinkler system, machine manufacturing, food industry, etc.
Our Certificate
CERTIFICATE OF FREE SALE Business license Production license Registration form of foreign trade operators
Production Equipment
YBK35III KINGRED KD400ZL-A Press machine JV23-5
Production Market
OEM in Southeast Asia and North America
Our Service
100% inspection (including small parts), fast delivery, free replacement within one year.Wholesale MHS4-40D