Product NameDustproof purification bulbBrand NameSGS
Working Temperature(鈩?-35 - 45Place of OriginZhejiang, China
Warranty1 year
ApplicationShopping malls, office spaces, restaurants, exhibition halls, conference venues, hospitals, etc.
The dustproof purification bulb can release a large amount of negative ions when working. Health is basically air, and negative ions are vitamins in the air. The concentration of negative ions in the air is directly related to human health. Clean air is more important to life than anything. Air containing more negative ions can improve the body's immunity, promote cell metabolism, increase vitality, eliminate fatigue, and increase appetite.
1. For friends with poor cardiopulmonary function, the use of dustproof purification bulb can improve lung function, allowing the lungs to absorb more oxygen and more carbon dioxide.
2. Long-term use of dustproof purification bulb can activate various enzymes in the body, promote the body's metabolic functions, play a role in beauty and beauty, and delay aging.
3. The dustproof purification bulb can change the body's response ability and enhance disease resistance, which is very beneficial to patients and children.
DetailsPurification Bulb