BLT ZS series villa elevator adopts steel belt instead of steel wire rope, and the whole ladder is small and compact, which reduces the user's investment in the machine room and elevator shaft and saves the construction cost to the greatest extent. At the same time, with complete safety facilities, it is the first choice for private elevators in villas and high-end residences.
Adopt high-performance drive technology, apply special algorithms for home elevator drive, and start the running experience to the level of business elevator; at the same time, use the most advanced control drive technology to promote energy saving and greatly reduce the electromagnetic noise of the motor; the control cabinet adopts new technology to mute The slim design and size make the elevator more compatible with the home environment.
The driving host is placed above the guide rail, and is separated from the concrete wall through the shock-absorbing structure, so as to avoid the influence of the vibration of the host on the guide rail. Because the main engine is separated from the shaft wall, the stress and deformation caused by different thermal expansion coefficients are avoided, reduce the dependence of the main engine installation on the building, reduce the installation difficulty, and also improve the adaptability of the elevator to various building shafts.
The control system uses a special star-closing scheme, which can completely solve the problem of car crashing and sudden braking when the elevator stops suddenly, and there is no longer a safety risk; the end station uses software and hardware dual redundancy protection to make the elevator run safer and more reliable; both have faults Various safety protection functions such as automatic rescue, power failure emergency rescue, electric brake release, car one-touch dial comfort.
Under the premise of meeting national standards, the layout of the shaft is fully considered by the user, and the area of the shaft, the depth of the pit and the height of the top station are reduced to the extreme, saving construction costs and increasing the user's space for use.
Scientific overall layout, optimized structural design, improved installation efficiency, reduced installation costs, intimate cost control, spend less money to buy value-added villa ladders, and achieve a carefree up and down life.Home Lift Made in China