What are the highlights of Gosuncn's PTZ camera?
Tracking Moving Objects
Through GPS, the location of moving objects, such as police officers and police cars, can be displayed in real time in the monitoring screen.
And as a result, the user can grasp the real-time location of mobile terminals such as 4G law enforcement recorders, realize real-time viewing of video and voice intercom, and support frame selection for multiple devices.
Video Structured Description
Realizing the structured front-end of the video and supporting the measurement of the length and height of the target can play an important role in practical applications.
Beidou / GPS positioning and time adjustment
Synchronize with satellite time to prevent time from being tampered
Orientation perception
Add the latitude, longitude, azimuth angle of the camera to the real-time monitoring screen, mark the target's name, address, contact information and other information to help the monitoring personnel understand the video information in the monitoring screen and timely and effectively deal with the abnormal conditions and sudden captures in the video screen Event.
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