Automatic food paper bag making machine
New world-C series automatic sharp bottom paper bag machine is suitable for varied primary and printed rolling paper, such as Kraft paper, slick paper, coated paper, medico paper and so on.
I believe that people still do not know enough about the food bag, which will lead to unnecessary waste of money when buying; If the packaged product is liquid, then the general kraft paper bag cannot be used. According to the customer's demand, we suggest not to use silicone paper, but simply moisture-proof paper with spray film is ok, so that the food paper bag can not only save the cost but also achieve the same effect.In the fierce market competition, we need to use our professional, in-depth understanding of customer needs, for the sake of customers, help customers to reduce costs, improve competitiveness.
With the accelerating rhythm of life now, many consumers don't have the time and energy to go to cooking, so now the fast food restaurants to people more and more, natural these restaurants also cannot leave the food paper bag, to provide consumers with convenient, food paper bag become all kinds of snack food packaging bags, guangdong various fast food need food paper bag to packaging.At the same time, a good food paper bag is not only superior performance, easy to use, in the long-term development, but also to meet the needs of consumers, provide a great convenience for our life. At present, most of the food paper bags using kraft paper as raw materials, a small part of the food paper bags using white paper.Ink edible water - based ink, green health, safety and rest assured.Food Paper Bag Machine