Product introduction
It's polyester cotton fabric, 80% polyester and 20 % cotton. It is plain weave. And the weight gets to 134 g/銕? This fabric of yarn count is 45*45, the density is133*94 and the width gets to 63 inches. It can be bleached, printed, dyed and be used as ribe cloth,interlinings, pocket cloth, clothing cloth and so on. Anti-feather cloth, summer clothing cloth poplin fabric and so on.
Product use
Characteristics of polyester cotton
1. It is soft, breathable and comfortable.
2. It has the highThe content of polyester fiber in polyester-cotton fabric,good heat-resistant and light-fastness of polyester-cotton fabric and the stability.
3. It is bright color, high fiber strength, durability, light resistance, heat resistance and uprightness.
4. It can not deform after washed folded or shrinked.Discount Polyester Cotton Fabric