Battery Model:12V 75Ah
Nominal Capacity:75AH
Battery Size :260*169*215
Battery Weight : About 23.4kgs
Selling Point:
路Electric Vehicles, such as E-bike, E-scooters,golf car, small-scale electric flat car, forklift, cleanness car, electric wheelchairs
路Electric boats, such as trolling fishing boat
路Robots for industries and military
路Remote data transfer system
路Satellite communication station
路Un-manned aircrafts
路Power tools, such as drilling, cutting and polishing tools
路Power supplier for Training systems, such as Torpedo Trainer
Battery Model:12V 100Ah
Nominal Capacity:100AH
Battery Size :407*173*240
Battery Weight : About 25kgs
Do not put the battery in water, and keep the battery in a cool dry surrounding.
Do not use or leave the battery near a heat temperature(in fire or a heater)
Do not reverse the position and negative terminals.
Do not short-circuit the battery by directly connecting the positive and negative terminals with metal objects.
Do not transport or store the battery together with metal objects such as hairpins, necklaces, etc.
Do not directly solder the battery and pierce the battery with a nail or other sharp objects.
Must use Qualified charger,when you charging the battery must have people nearby.
Battery Model:12V 120Ah
Nominal Capacity:120AH
Battery Size :407*173*240
Battery Weight : About 31.5kgs
Safety Test:
Short Circuit Safety Test
Overcharge Safety Test
Crush Safety Test
No fire, No explosion
Needing Safety Test
Extrusion Safety Test
High Temperature Safety Test
Battery Model:12V 150Ah
Nominal Capacity:150AH
Battery Size :484*171*240
Battery Weight : About 34kgs
Installation, use and maintenance of lead-acid battery
1. Unpacking and inspection
It is forbidden to bear the force at the terminal to prevent the terminal damage and the crack of the sealing part;
Avoid battery inversion, falling or impact;
Absolutely avoid the use of wire rope and metal wire to prevent short circuit of battery.
2.Precautions before installation
The battery shall be placed in a low position as far as possible;
Avoid installing the battery near the heat source (such as transformer);
Since the battery may produce flammable gas during storage, avoid being close to the spark generating device during installation
Battery Model:12V 200Ah
Nominal Capacity:200AH
Battery Size :522*240*230
Battery Weight : About 47.5kgs
Installation, use and maintenance of lead-acid battery
1. Installation and wiring
First link the batteries, then link the battery pack with the charger load;
When multiple batteries are connected in parallel, the mode of series connection and parallel connection shall be followed;
In order to ensure better heat dissipation conditions, the spacing between grid batteries should be kept more than 20 mm;
2. Battery usage
In the process of transportation and storage, due to the loss of some capacity of self discharging battery, please make up the power before use;
If it is temporarily parked during use, please make up the power regularly.
Battery Model:12V 250Ah
Nominal Capacity:250AH
Battery Size :520*268*230
Battery Weight : About 69kgs
Service environment of lead-acid battery
1. The service temperature of lead-acid battery is relatively wide. The lowest temperature is about below - 60 鈩? the highest temperature is about 80 degrees above. That is to say, lead-acid batteries can be used in cold or hot areas all of them can be used. However, try to avoid extreme temperature. After all, the performance is still affected.
2. No fire nearby.
3. Never put the battery in a sealed environment,
The reason is to prevent the explosion.Customized Ups Power Supply