Palmitic acid is the most common saturated fatty acid found in animals, plants and microorganisms.It is a major component of the oil from the fruit of oil palms and produced from the splitting of fats at high temperature and pressure.
Used in crayon, candles, waxes, cosmetic, textiles etc.
Palmitic acid is used to produce soaps, cosmetics, crayon, candles, waxes, textiles and industrial mold release agents. The downstream products includeds candle,fatty ester,IPP.
Hydrogenation of palmitic acid yields cetyl alcohol, which is used to produce detergents and cosmetics.
1695 1698
Packaging: 25kg pp/paper bag,jumbo bag,ISO tank
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Loading port: Jakarta or Belawan
Storage: In a cool, dry place, away from direct exposure to sun and heat
Shelf Life: One year
1.Can we ask for free samples? -Yes, we are glad to arrange free samples for you. The freight cost shall be beared by customer side.
2.Can we ask for the neutral packaging with our designed label? -Yes, we can arrange for you.
3.What鈥檚 the extra cost of special packaging? -It shall add 15usd/mt for paper bags with pallets or jumbo bags.
4.What鈥檚 the loading quantity? -17mts unpalletised/20鈥橤P, 12mts palletised/20鈥橤P26mts unpalletised/40鈥橦C, 24mts palletised/40鈥橦C
5.What鈥檚 hydrogenation? -All fats and oils contain long chain fatty acids. When saturated, the fatty acid chains appear straight. In mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids these chains have double bonds, and show bends or kinks at those points where the hydrogen atoms are missing. Hydrogenation adds hydrogen atoms to the double bonds to make a harder, more solid fat.Fractionated Fatty Acids quotation