This machine produces plastic film by calendering technology.
鈼廋alendering technology is the main method for the production of polymer film and sheet materials. It is to squeeze and extend the material that is near to viscous flow temperature through the gaps of a series of parallel drums rotating in the direction of each other to make them into thin flake products with certain thickness and width.
鈼廋alendering technology is generally suitable for the production of soft PVC films with a thickness of 0.05-0.5mm and hard PVC sheets with a thickness of 0.3-1.00mm.When the product thickness is less than or greater than this range, it is usually not to use this technology, it will use blow molding or extrusion and other methods
鈼廡he production process is a multi-process operation, the process includes the feeding stage and the calendering stage, which is a complete and continuous production line from raw material mixing, plasticizing, and feeding to calendering. The equipment required in the feeding stage includes mixer, open mill, internal mixer or plasticizer extruder. The calendering stage is finished by calendering machine and auxiliary devices such as traction, embossing, cooling, crimping and cutting etc.
鈼廝lastic film machine has advanced whole line structure ensures high-speed and stable production of casting film. Professional screw design of the plastic film machine ensures the material fully plasticized out of the stability.
鈼廋alendered plastic film products are mainly used in agriculture, industrial packaging, interior decoration and various articles for daily use.
鈼廝lastic film calender machine has the characteristics of large production capacity, continuous automatic production and good product quality.Plastic Products Extrusion suppliers