With a UV sterilization light that disinfects while cleaning, HEPA filter that traps harmful allergens and pet dander, and 3D filter that prevents secondary air pollution, this is ideal for those with allergies or pets.
Lithium-ion 2000 mAh Battery, lasts up to 5 to 6 hours. Vacuum Mode Dust Bin Capacity: 350ML.
- Ultraviolet disinfection on the ground, killing various bacteria and viruses
- Adapt to all kinds of floors, ceramic tiles, short-haired carpets
- One buttom working buttom, 65dB Ultra-quiet environment
- Cleaning without dead corners
- Suction, sweeping and dragging 3 in 1, easy maintenance
- Strong Suction with 8.4V working voltage,long cruise time up to 6 hours
- When get stuck while walking, the power will be cut off it will be activated after charge
- Floating pallet setting, mopping the floor closer to the ground
ModelXH-168Application size1000 sq.ft
Battery2000mAh li-ion batteryweight1KG
Dust Box350mlpower7.5W
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