Carrara marble is a great interior design element that is widely used for kitchens as well as bathroom floor and wall coverings in homes. It also good for installing as staircase steps tile.
(1) Our full body marble staircase step tile has anti-skid slot, which is original glazed on the surface. A piece of 480*1200mm marble staircase can be processed and cut into two pieces, one step and one baffle, to be one step.
(2) The specifications of the supporting platform tiles of this series are 600x1200mm, which can be cut and pasted by customers according to the actual size of the platform and match the staircase step tile perfectly.
(3) The cascade texture of this series is realistic, which is very close to and better than the real marble in performance.
Product Parameter
Product Name Staircase Steps Tiles
Model SY013
Material Porcelain
Size 480x1200mm / 600x1200mm
Thickness 12.5卤0.5mm
Water Absorption rate