Our History
Mascera Technology is a high-tech manufacturer and exporter in China which supplies technical ceramic products for worldwide customers. Our technical ceramics are advanced materials of high-performance, energy-saving and eco-friendly. After continuous growth since 2012, our products have been widely applied in various industries and adopted by some large-scale global companies. With our know-how of material properties and production technique, we are capable of providing high quality products and workable solutions for our customers.
Our Factory
We have experienced engineers, skilled workers and advanced production equipment in our factory. Our workers are having production experience of more than 5 years. Forming technique of dry pressing, injection molding, isostatic pressing, tap casting etc and machining technique of cutting, drilling, grinding, lapping, polishing etc have been introduced in our production line. The well-equipped production lines enable us to provide custom manufacturing (OEM) according to customers' requirement with high size accuracy. We control every process with strict inspection system to guarantee products made with high quality.
Our Product
Alumina Ceramics, Zirconia Ceramics, Boron Nitride Ceramics, Silicon Nitride Ceramics, Aluminum Nitride Ceramics, Silicon Carbide Ceramics.
Product Application
Our technical ceramic products have excellent properties like superior wear resistance, high hardness & mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance and good electrical insulation. The excellent properties make them capable of applications in harsh working conditions. So far, our products are widely applied in industries of printing, metallurgy, semiconductor, electronics, machinery, medical and so on. Comparing to metal materials, technical ceramics have better performance and longer lifespan, it will be a good choice in fields that metal materials cannot cover and increase users' economic benefit greatly.
Production Equipment
Isostatic pressing machine
Injection molding machine
Dry pressing machine
Sintering furnace
Centerless grinder
CNC machine
Surface grinder
Milling machine
Roughness tester
Density tester
Coordinate Measuring Machine
Production Market
Our products have been widely sold in global markets like USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Russia and so on. Among all exported countries, USA, Russia, Germany, Israel are our main markets that have high percentage (about 70%) of our sales income. Most of our customers regard us as their most important supplier and keep long term cooperation relationship with us.
Our Service
Pre-sale service: we give reasonable suggestion based on the full acquaintance of customer's demands, provide competitive price offer and sample for test.
In-sale service: we produce every product with strict quality control system, make timely updates about orders to customers and finish orders in scheduled delivery time.
After-sale service: we follow up every order to know about the using status of our products and ask customer's using feedback or improvement advice.China Y-TZP Ceramic Grinding Bead