The main reasons for the failure of the pick are as follows:
1. Low impact resistance: Through extensive observation of damaged picks, it was found that the damage of most picks is not normal wear and tear failure, especially in hard rock cutting.
2. Poor wear resistance: Wear resistance refers to the wear resistance of alloy cutter heads and tooth heads. Domestic pick alloys generally have high cobalt content, incomplete structure, low density, and low hardness, resulting in poor wear resistance of the pick alloy cutter head, and the pick head is due to unstable raw material quality performance and heat treatment of the pick Reasons such as improper technology cause cracks on the head of the pick and low hardness, which affects its wear resistance.

3. Dropping the alloy head: The damage caused by the early drop of the alloy head is the biggest. In a short working time, the hard alloy cutter head brazed on the pick body falls, causing the pick to be scrapped in advance. The alloy head of the pick is late because the excessive wear of the front end of the pick body makes the carbide tip excessively protruding, and the welding seam area is reduced, resulting in insufficient strength of the weld seam and the alloy head of the pick. In addition to improving the brazing quality and weld strength, the alloy head is more important to improve the wear resistance of the front end of the pick body.
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