Pearl Fiber Machine is mainly used to make different specifications of silicon-containing hollow chemical fiber cotton (such as 7D*51mm) and other chemical fibers into spherical cotton products that look like pearls. The cotton products are mainly used as fillings for clothing, bedding, pillow cores, toys, etc., to make the product look fuller and have good elasticity. The machine can adjust the size and tightness of the ball according to needs. The proportion of ball cotton can be as high as 99% (about 1% raw cotton).
Name: Pearl Fiber Machine
Output: 60-80kg/h
Power supply: three-phase, 380V, 50HZ
Power: 7.75KW
Dimensions: (L脳W脳H) 3440脳1375脳1465mm
Packing box size: (L脳W脳H) 2700脳1450脳1500mm
Gross weight: 860kg
Net weight: 680kg
Production process
A:) High quality material purchased
B:) Laser cutting
C:)Spare parts finishing
D:)Rust removing finishing
E:) Color painting with heating
F:) Assemble workshop
G:) Single machine assemble
H:) Whole line built up for pre-delivery trial
I:) Machines installed in buyer's factory after instructed of our engineers
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