Desulfurization agent
Molecular Fomula: CaC2
CAS NO.: 75-20-7
Appearance: Black Grey Granule
Application: Used for desulfurization in the foundry and metalluray industry.
Gas Forming Amount锛圠/KG锛夆墺285
Acetylene In The Phosphine Content (PH3%)锛圴/V锛? 鈮?/p>0.08
Acetylene In The Hydrogen Sulfide Content (H2S%)锛圴/V锛? 鈮?/p>0.10
Package: Packed in 100kg steel drum sealed with nitrogen or in soft packages special for railway transportation.
Storage and transportation: Stored in cool, ventilated and dry warehouse, away from water and moisture.China Calcium Carbide suppliers