Cast Iron Bed
Using flake graphite cast iron, the lowest tensile strength of which is 200MPa. High carbon content, high compressive strength and high hardness. Strong shock absorption and wear resistance. Low thermal sensitivity and bed gap sensitivity reduce the loss of equipment in using, so the machine accuracy could maintain for a long time, and no deformation in a life cycle.
Free Your Hands, Enjoy Auto Focus
●Auto - focus
Applicable to various focal lengths, which are controlled by machine tool control system. Focal point will be automatically adjusted in cutting process to achieve the best cutting effect of different thicknesses sheets metal.
When replacing different materials or different thicknesses sheet, manual focus laser head needs to adjust focal length manually, very inefficient; auto focus laser head can read system storage parameters automatically, very efficient;
Increasing perforation focus length, separately setting perforation focal length and cutting focal length, enhance cutting accuracy.
Built-in double water-cooling structures can ensure constant temperature of collimating and focusing components, avoid lenses overheating and extend service life of lenses.
Increasing collimation protective lens and focus protective lens, carefully protect key components.
Aluminum Casting Crossbeam
Integral steel mold pressure casting, light, flexible and efficient
After artificial aging, solution treatment and finishing, crossbeam owns good integrity, rigidity, surface quality, toughness and ductility. Aluminum alloy’s metal characteristics of light weight and strong rigidity are helpful to high speed movement in processing, and high flexibility is beneficial to high-speed cutting of various graphics based on high accuracy. Light crossbeam can give equipment a high operation speed, improving processing efficiency to ensure processing quality.
1Metal cutting deskSolid cast iron frame and cast iron portal(Never deformation)BR
2Laser generatorFiber optic laser source 1000WRaycus
3CNC monitorFinger touch monitorBR
4Control softwareDrawing formats supported:AI,DXF,PLT,DST,DXP,LASCypcut
5Laser cutting headAuto focus laser headRaytools(Swiss)
6Cooling machineFor cooling the laser generator and laser headHanli(China)
7Propotional valveElectric pnenmatic valveSMC(Japan)
8Servo motor Y,X,Z1500W,1000W,400W respectivelyFuji( Japan)
9Servo drive Fuji( Japan)
10ReducerDeceleration of the movement of the rackShimpo(Japan)
11Linear guideLinear displacement(Taiwan brand)
12Gear rack (Taiwan brand)
13Exhaused systemVentilation systemAirtac
14Fume removal systemMulti-channel dust-collection systemBR
15Lubrication systemAutomatic lubrication supplyBR
16Voltage regulatorThree-phase voltage regulatorBR
17Electronic componentComponents embeded in the electromechanical cabinetSchneider(France)Laser Cutting Machine