Abudawood Pakistan | Brand Management | branding strategies | in-house branding | customer feedback

Description: We have an in-house brand management team for Walla Professionals that develops brand plans in line with the principal’s strategies and tailoring them to the needs of the local market. Market trends, competitors’ activities and customer feedback are taken into consideration while formulating brand strategies. Innovative and creative techniques that are tailored to the local market needs are deployed in the market to build the core brand values amongst the customers by integrating different aspects of marketing activities.

Publish Date: 05-10-19

Abudawood Pakistan | Trade Marketing | Category Management | Trade Shoppers insight Management | Channel Managemnet

Description: Our retail partners lie at the heart of our business operations. Our dedicated teams of Category Management, Shopper Insights, Channel management and Business Development work tirelessly towards making our brands stand out in the marketplace. Every category drives Key Performance Indicators to ensure that the market is operated through sales fundamentals; thus ensuring long term growth, excellent customer service and lasting customer relationship.

Publish Date: 21-09-19

Abudawood Pakistan | Warehousing Distribution Services | Biggest warehousing facilities | transportation and storage | inventory management

Description: We are a strategically located network of Biggest warehousing facilities across Pakistan. Our multiple hubs and spoke distribution structure operates with more than 1 million square feet of warehousing space, enabling us to serve 200,000 plus customers including separate division of 400 and above sub-distributors. We strive continuously to optimize our warehousing distribution services in the areas of capacity planning, inventory management and demand forecasting while sustaining our unparalleled service levels. Logistics ensures efficient end to end transportation and storage of goods throughout our multiple hubs and spoke structure. Our logistics structure is designed to deliver our products to customers, varying from the largest to the smallest retail stores in all cities of Pakistan, while maintaining our incomparable quality standards.

Publish Date: 26-07-19

Abudawood Pakistan | Merchandising | in-store fundamentals | well merchandised products | Shopper Based Design

Description: Abudawood Pakistan recognizes the importance of excellent in-store fundamentals that allows products to be visible to our customers. We believe well merchandised products sell better and stand out from their competition. Our business partners have designated merchandisers and provide Shopper Based Design (SBD) booklets to ensure their products are well stocked and perfectly displayed. The merchandising team is equipped with state of the art technology and is trained on visual merchandising to ensure optimal product placement as per the store layout and category needs.

Publish Date: 18-07-19

Abudawood Pakistan | Sales Management | specialized sales force

Description: Our approach towards sales management transforms how and to whom companies sell their products and services, the channels they use, and the back-office operations that support these efforts. Our systems and processes along with our sales force are unparalleled and ensure that we not only sell the product but that we sell at the right time ensuring that no area of Pakistan remains untapped with the products of our principals.

Publish Date: 11-07-19

Abudawood Pakistan | Retail Distribution Company | warehousing distribution services Pakistan

Description: The strength of Abudawood Pakistan lies in its well-trained and competent sales force which is committed to serving our valued customers nationwide. We enable our partners with data: • Build high-performing sales force • Help companies form effective selling strategies • Optimize return on sales investments • Find and capture pockets of “organic growth”

Publish Date: 04-07-19